22-24 September 2014
Los Angeles, CA
US/Pacific timezone

Advances in Neutrino Technology 2014 (ANT 2014)

Future neutrino experiments seek to improve our understanding of the instrinsic properties of the neutrino and the role that this elementary particle plays in the Universe.  State-of-the-art detectors will work to probe the hierarchy of the neutrino masses, the question of CP-violation, the Dirac/Majorana nature of neutrinos, supernovae, and other exotic particle phenomena such as proton decay.

The theme behind this years conference is to showcase current and future advancements in technology used in large water Cherenkov or liquid scintillator neutrino detectors that could increase sensitivity to new physics.

Topics covered:
• Photon detection technology
• Water Cerenkov R&D
• Liquid Scintillator R&D
• Reconstruction and simulation
• DAQ and electronics

Program Committee:
Lindley Winslow, UCLA
Christopher Grant, UC Davis
Bob Svoboda, UC Davis


Dates: from 22 September 2014 11:00 to 24 September 2014 17:00
Timezone: US/Pacific
Location: Los Angeles, CA
 Room: 4-330 Physics and Astronomy Building